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How to send money from bank acc?

How to send (Bank Acc payment option)

It is easy to send money directly from the minit money app using your South African bank account.

  • minit money supports the following South African banks: – FNB, ABSA, NedBank, Standard Bank, Capitec, TYME Bank, Investec, African Bank
Follow these easy steps to send money using your bank account:
  • Select your Beneficiary 
  • Enter the amount you would like to send
  • Select the ‘bank account’ payment type and accept the quote
  • Select your bank
  • You will then be connected to your bank’s mini-site to provide your username and password.
    minitmoney does not record this data, so you can securely log into your bank account and select the account to be debited
  • Your bank may then request confirmation from your banking app or you will be required to enter an OTP from your bank
  • You will be returned to the minitmoney app once you have completed the process
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